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Car by Car Carrier

Relocating car or any other similar vehicle from a particular place to another (local or national) is a challenging task. Moreover, car is of huge affection and personal for you as a car owner, as you have tons of emotional attachment with it. Even a minor mistake may cause damage to the vehicle. However, our Chandigarh South Road Ways   Group take care of everything for our clients willing to relocate to a new place.

We move your cars, one of your prized possessions safely as possible and with utmost care as well as in a hassle-free way. Our team offers Car Carrier services to both corporate and individual customers with the aim to make sure about safe, swift and rapid move of your vehicles. Key aspects of our Car Carrier Services-

Proficiency in Our Delivered Services

Since our inception in the industry, our packers and Movers experts at Chandigarh South Road Ways  Group have gained recognitions to deliver proficient services in relocation of cars. Even to provide both safety and timely solutions, we have different car carriers to move your vehicle from a particular place to another one in almost every corner of the country.

Clinch the Vehicle Properly within the Carrier

Based on our vast experience, we clinch your vehicle inside our carrier in such a way that it does not suffer any damage during the transportation. Furthermore, we apply every possible measure to make sure about safe transit of your vehicles.

Scratch-free Transport of Your Car

Our Car by Carrier service providers deliver services with the prime objective to transport your car and other vehicles within time and that too without any single scratch on your vehicle.

Driving Vehicles by Abiding Strict Traffic Rules

We have professionally trained drivers, who drive carrier vehicles by abiding strictly with the necessary traffic rules. Especially, our drivers drive the car carrier at a moderate speed of 40kilometers per hour to 50kilometers per hour to avoid any accident/mishap during the transition process. Moreover, to give you peace of mind, we let you track the location of your vehicle at almost any point of time by simply calling on the toll-free number.